2nd Location now open at 2447 East Hastings! (Just past Nanaimo on the north side…)


Red Cat is always on the lookout for good quality used vinyl records that are in excellent shape, we are known to offer very fair prices, cash or trade. Feel free to give us a call with some more info at (604)-708-9422, or email us a list and we’ll be happy to arrange a day for you to drop by with your collection.


Red Cat also buys used cds and cassettes! Here are a few purchasing guidlines to help with any questions.

1) Cds and Cassettes must be in excellent shape with no wear or scratches.

2) Rock, Jazz, Indie, Hip-Hop, World, Metal, Blues, Country, Classical are all acceptable depending on the titles, we do have to be selective though as many titles on used cd do not sell.

3) We sell used cds and cassettes anywhere from  $3.00 to $6.00, We purchase them anywhere from $1.00 – $2.50 each cash or store credit depending on the title.

4) Days to bring them by are anytime in the Monday to Friday range 11-6 PM

5) Also feel free to email a list or call us at (604)-708-9422

6) Remember to double check the shape, look at the cds to make sure there are no scratches on the discs, and check to make sure the cassettes are in good working condition. We don’t want you to cart them all the way down here and be disappointed!

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